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21 Day Reiki Master attunement record diary: Day 10

Sniffly - another overcast, rainy day. The weather really seems to have a profound effect on my mood more recently. The sun god must have heard me though as the sun came out and now it’s really warm!

Although slightly headachy with a sore back later on, I found the work in the sun in the garden really enjoyable. I was aware of a lovely sensation of love and joy. It was peaceful, and with the insects buzzing around me, I felt in good company.

It’s the fifth day after my cranial treatment and I thought I might avoid it this time around only I didn’t. I was blasted with a full-on migraine: started feeling sick, dizzy and headachy and after trying to eat it really hit me full force. I retired to bed. This has been a regular occurrence on the same day after each cranial treatment I’ve had for the past four months, but I thought this time, it might, with some moving of energy, be avoided or evaded! No such luck. I actually threw up as well. Not pleasant at all. What an end to the day.

The marshmallow plants are looking splendid though and I actually tried some Qi gong today as well, very impressed with myself as I haven’t practiced that in a very long while.

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