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21 Day Reiki Master attunement record diary: Day 11

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Despite a whole lot of self healing yesterday and copious amounts of fluid, the migraine-type headache I get after a cranial treatment hit me like a train and I was still feeling poorly this morning. Torrential rain had soaked everywhere outside too and the wind had battered the tomatoes and the raspberry plants, both quite susceptible.

Realised I was being hard on myself and putting myself down today. A mixture of disappointments and frustrations and a feeling of not being good enough, not doing enough, not being important enough, etc etc.. Possibly somewhat linked with not being able to avert my ‘sicky headache’, and a little of the disconnect I’m feeling since it passed. Pain does that, (more on this tomorrow); suffice to say I think I caught the negative self-talk in time not to get into a downward spiral.

Watched a Netflix series late into the night which was quite depressing: the story of Betty Broderick. I would recommend it though, a searingly cruel tale of a woman’s betrayal by her lawyer husband, and a true one, which makes it all the more poignant. I saw myself and many women in her character and empathised with the situation she found herself in.

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