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21 Day Reiki Master attunement record diary: Day 17

The wind had got up during the night and continued all day, with very strong gusts and relentless frequency. I got angry: wind is connected to the liver in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and this can adversely affect anyone sensitive to it.

Since being in mourning, I’ve noticed a distinct lack of grounding and balance and so this windy day got the better of me, making me irritable and short-tempered; to help alleviate my agitation, I found a very soothing meditative soundtrack and sat to meditate for a little while. It didn’t really have the desired effect, I probably need to commit a lot more time to get into the zone.

My inner narrative has just been going crazy all day. I guess I need to be either more structured or more flexible! Although the events have been unsuspected and unsettling recently and to be honest it has really thrown me.

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