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21 Day Reiki Master attunement record diary: Day 19

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Only today and two more days and I will have completed my 21 day record diary!

It has gone past quite speedily, and as I remarked to my massage therapist, it doesn’t seem like three weeks since I last saw her and received an amazing ‘down to earth’ treatment I really needed. Today’s was good too, went past in a flash, I was sending postive intentions to my body all the way through.

Went to my local coffee shop afterwards and remembered my dream whilst sitting waiting for my drink: it was a dream heavily influenced by a film I’d watched last night - another Christmas ‘feel-good’ movie - Cinderella-style.

The dream centered around the themes of being shunned, set-apart, uncatered or cared for and standing my own ground in the face of other’s compromise.

Feelings of anger, sadness, distance and opposition to the status quo and going along with others just to keep the peace dominated.

The dream showed me getting away from the situation with the help of a stranger, only to get lost inside and need their help again, whilst facing up to others’ lack of integrity, their ‘putting up with’ second best for the sake of ‘the tribe’ or a public image or just the majority mind-set.

A powerful dream brought to the surface by the massage treatment. Felt tired, but good this evening so did the minimum chore-wise and listened later to some more meditation music.

Earlier in the day because of the torrential rain the stream had been very strongly flowing and I stopped to take a video of it. The power of the water can be seen as it surges up the bank over the roots of a tree.

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