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21 Day Reiki Master attunement record diary: Day 20

This time three weeks ago I was nervous and excited about the next day. Today, three weeks later, I’m on a bit of a downslope, although last night I was buzzing with energy, reading books, listening to meditation music, doing some spiritual practice and self-healing and feeling quite relaxed after my massage.

Guess that’s why it got so late and I slept in today and forgot I had to collect the weekly veg box! Luckily I remembered in time and got back before it started to rain again.

Got cold later picking raspberries so had a hot bath and listened to some more meditation/healing music. I’ve also been experimenting combining yoga with some of the Reiki practice and this works well when there is a musical background to help me focus inward.

Annoyingly I had a recurrence of the ‘small’ feeling, with some loss and abandonment issues accompanied by some irritation - but this turn of the wheel has much less intensity and severity. How to get raspberry seeds out of my teeth though?!

Read some more of the book ‘Practicing the Power of Now’ before bed.

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