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21 Day Reiki Master attunement record diary: Day 6

One of the best things about getting a treatment is the time spent recouperating and processing the effects, both positive and negative, of receiving. Some issues are brought to the surface for resolution, some turn on eternal wheels, providing more understanding each time they come around, some are like ‘eureka’ moments of inspiration, and some just have to play out and be worked through. Drinking plenty of water and getting plenty of rest really help in the process and my focus during these times ought to be centered inward rather than outward to gain maximum benefits. It is an ideal time for clearing and cleaning rituals, and that’s what I will concentrate on today.

Spent a while near the stream, listening to the water running over the rocks, such a soothing sound. Being in nature in itself a meditation, outdoor jobs have a pace of thier own and are also good for grounding . I took some time with a standing meditation with breathing to really feel the ground beneath my feet and release the tension from my back before eating. The weather is more reflective too; damp, foggy with rain later, giving nurture to the plants and soil.

During my trip to pick up the veg box from town, I saw a man looking pained and limping, normally I would walk on by but I stopped to ask him if he was okay - he told me that his left leg didn’t work and I replied to him that I was sorry to hear that. It was good to connect to strangers, after all aren’t they just friends we don’t know yet? I try to keep a smile on my face, as in these odd times there are many people struggling and fearful. It is easy to see those that are closed off or hostile and those that want to reach out when you hold your own peace in your heart with loving intent.


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