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Day 21 Reiki Master attunement record diary: Day 18

Interesting video from Kara Kernans Readings this afternoon, just happened to catch it and watch, she was talking about the Virgo energy that she and others might have been experiencing. It did rather sum up what I have been feeling over the past couple of days! We’re looking at the 21st or thereabouts onwards, which fits in with the general feel that’s been pervasive.

I spoke to my sister and relayed my impressions of my niece and nephew in terms of energy, which was interesting to talk about. It always surprises me when I ‘see’ energy fields or get a feeling about someone or a situation at a distance, or after the event.

Eventually, after three weeks, some more of the Magical Sprays I had ordered from the manufacturer arrived, or actually, I had to go to collect them from the Post Office as the Parcel Force person failed to deliver them!

I took two down into the woods and sat on a fallen tree and looked up at the clouds moving over the sky through the canopy of larch. It was very still and I could hear the stream. I sprayed the moonstone and myrrh into the air and breathed deeply.

I spent some time later on reading the manual and watching a ‘feel good’ movie. If I felt better, I might feel better! That’s the theory anyway.

Had an incident happen today at the Post Office which later returned as a frightening dream.

Whilst I was in the queue outside a rather loud and agitated man turned up and pulled another guy away for a private chat. The other (smaller) guy looked intimidated by him. They both then returned to the queue whilst the intimidating guy made comments about me and the other guy, trying to draw me into conversation, I politely smiled and said a couple of words to ‘keep the peace’.

Inside, the bigger guy drew more attention to himself by dropping all his cards onto the floor and was invading my personal space and attempting to once again draw me into conversation with him.

I was glad to get out of there, but the woman behind the till had ‘clocked him’ and we made frequent eye contact throughout.

After I had, quite peacefully, fallen asleep, I dreamt of the same guy holding me from behind, his arms around my shoulders in a tight grip I could not escape. All my attempts to bite his hands or arms, or wriggle free proved fruitless and I was powerless with no strength.

I awoke abruptly and quickly realised the man in the dream was a real one, encountered earlier in the day. St Blazey was where I used to live and I know the energy there is pretty bad, and some of the people along with it.

I’ve had these sort of things happen in the past whilst there too, I wonder if I need to ‘up’ my protective state to shield me from this bad energy?

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