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Know your feelings

Have you ever wondered about the way you feel?

Thinking about this today, I noticed how fear constricts us, both physically and mentally.

Try it.

Think about something fearful or scary that you don't want and notice how your mind and body react.

It's almost as if you are attempting to make yourself smaller so the the scary thing won't notice you..

But at the same time, this state of being means less creative thought, less ability to 'move', (fear can paralyse our bodies and our thinking quite easily), and less space to move into too.

To balance this out, try thinking about someone you love or something that you love doing.

Notice where you feel this, and how it feels in your body when you are feeling it!

Sometimes we outwardly smile, we feel a glow, we expand into the space around us and the space within us expands to meet our environment.

Next, feel an angry thought.

Think about someone that has caused an anger to rise within you, or an unjust situation that you are looking upon in your world.

How does this make you feel?

Anger needs movement; it desires change, it fuels a movement away or towards something.

When you cannot 'move with anger', it can turn inwards and start to churn our bodies in an attempt to 'do'.

Anger wants to achieve a goal, it is naturally outward-orientated, and can serve us well when we want to follow through on our commitments to changing our world for the better, or to shift us out of that rut and into something that serves us in our lives in a more satisfying way.

Have you been unable to act upon your anger just recently?

Have situations left you feeling helpless or hopeless?

Anger needs direction.

Next time that you feel anger and cannot achieve a positive change in your environment, move with it.

Go for a long walk, a run, a bike ride; go to the gym or engage in any physical activity that you can.

Like stress and anxiety, anger can be channelled through the body by physical movement.

Activity that engages your physical body also frees up the creative mind to come up with solutions to the problems that may have been the seeds of the uncomfortable or angry feelings, and this can help you work with them, rather than flee from them.

Feelings are with us, not against us!

To redress the balance once more, get that 'loving feeling' back in your heart centre again!

Take those problems into your heart space and let the love there gently hold them in safety.

When we feel safe, we are almost automatically attuned to love more easily, less moved to anger or upset, and less likely to be overwhelmed with fear.

Holding a safe space for you is one of the most amazing benefits of Reiki Healing.

Come and experience the wonderful expansive and comforting power!

Make friends with your feelings in a gentle way with Reiki.

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