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Reiki is given most commonly via the hands, with touch contact or without; and sometimes using the eyes or breath.


It is a very gentle healing process applied to the clothed receiver and the giver acts as a conduit or channel for the Reiki which is drawn in simply and subtly from the universe around us and is then allowed to do its wonderful healing work.

There are three main levels of learning, Shoden, Okuden and Shinpiden, but the training is ongoing throughout your lifetime. Once you are attuned to Reiki it is there for you to use whenever you need it. and constant practice will help you to use it with ever greater awareness. 

It was Mikao Usui of Japan who first gave us access to the healing power of Reiki. the word 'Reik'i means 'soul or spirit energy' and it is an energy that can heal us at all levels of our being. When we train in Reiki we learn to work with deep compassion and in doing so we find ourselves on a path of awakening. That is Reiki's gift as well.

The joy of Reiki is that it is truly universal. It exists not only for our own healing at the deepest level of the soul but also for us to offer healing to others, especially our family and friends.


Usui Sensei, (sensei is the word for teacher), knew this from the moment of his revelation on Mount Kurama in Japan in 1922 and his genius lay in the profound way he developed his Reiki healing method out of his own deep Japanese spiritual experience and presented it to his students for the good of all.

"just for today - I will not be angry

 just for today - I will be loving to others

 just for today - I will be grateful

 just for today - I will work diligently

 just for today - I will not worry"

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