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21 Day Reiki Master attunement record diary: Day 5

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Looking forward to today as I am seeing my cranial osteopath and I’m wondering if the energy will be different and how it will feel since my attunement. For anyone to be able to help, heal or assist others in any way, it is so important to have that support reciprocated from those around you, whether it is in the form of physical modalities such as massage, osteopathy or yoga, or more energetic forms such as crystal healing or Reiki; or regular exercise or reflexolgy or acupuncture - whatever you need to maintain your inner ‘well’ of energy and vitality so that you can help or treat others without feeling depleted.

You might not notice it at first, more often than not we only realise this is happening when actual physical symptoms develop, but by then it can be too late to avoid physical damage and on a more spiritual level the damage could already have been done. So on a more uplifting note, getting regular healing from others and healing yourself too will prove more effective that simple trusting that you are okay without doing so. It’s so important!

My own treatment today was quite blissful - I was aware of movements in energy and shifts within me as well as some memories and affirmations popping up in my mind. I usually get some more uncomfortable sensations but not today: tingling and mild aches were present but nothing like what I have experienced on previous occasions. The therapist also noticed how much more ‘flowing’ I was, how much easier the work was and I’m glad that she was able to feel how much more ‘aware’ my energetic body had become, this I feel, makes it easier to participate in my own healing.

My own journey started a long time ago in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s and came about as a result of one client I was treating asking me whether I had ‘healing hands’. She was noticing how much warmth there was under my hands whilst I was gently massaging her shoulders. I had no idea to be honest, but this piqued my interest! It took me around 3 years to find my way to Wrio Russell who attuned me in Reiki levels I and II at this house in the South East.

I soon incorporated Reiki into both my Sports Massage Therapy and other healing work I was doing at the time. My practice was supported by many professionals around me and I was able to work very hard and successfully for years, despite the intensely physical work of sometimes 8 hours of Sports Massage a day!

I was blessed with one of the best yoga teachers in Brighton and it was a life saver to be able to unwind my body, bringing space into all areas, especially those with tension and stress embedded into them.

Sadly when I relocated to Cornwall, I lost the majority of those supportive resources and gradually I became more and more reliant on my inner reserves, which depleted over time. This came through treating clients directly, as well as attempts to find places to work from and more strangely from fending off actual attempts to unseat me and block my progess.

Ultimately I feel this was at the root of my ‘healing crisis’ which happened at the end of 2007. During the time leading up to this crisis, I’d become more aware of the resentment building up inside of me and more importantly that feeling tipping over into my practice. My own body was crying out for help. I knew how much I needed looking after, and unable to find it outside in the community and not able to help myself due to my depleted inner reserves, it became ‘crunch’ time. I was stiff and sore, unhappy and stressed, tired and desperate.

When I eventually gave up my beloved work, I received one word in my head, and that word was ‘rest’.

I must have rested for 3 years, sleeping a lot more and not having much energy for anything. My life became a series of taking care not to do too much, hoping I would get better, and setbacks , lots of setback, both emotionally and physically along the way. I had many helpful people in my life, but I was still not well.

Things would get a lot worse before they got better.

Looking back as I do today, I am overwhelmed with gratitude that I am here now, having finally completed my attunements, and at the start of a new chapter in my life.

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