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It's amazing that I have survived

It's amazing I survived some really close calls, traumatic injuries when I was really young, childhood 'illnesses' that were painful and restricting, that meant that I had to shut off parts of me in order to not feel so much.

It's amazing I survived periods of self-harm, destructive relationships, putting myself in some very dodgy situations, almost willing something to happen in order to create a survival situation.

It's amazing that I did so well in school, coping as I did through books and learning, but dealing with anxiety and other somatic affect.

It's amazing that I am still here now, learning and developing, striving to embody that new, still curious, still open.

We all contain a very powerful life force within us. We can all heal. We can all feel better There is a (rocky sometimes) path to 'wellness'

We can learn to feel our bodies, to know how we feel, what we feel, why we feel the ways we do.

We can unravel the twisted ball of twine that might live inside of us. To become connected, form attachments that nurture and support.

Reiki Healing and soft tissue are gateways into the body, providing a bridge to sensation, a path to connection and an enjoyable time of relaxation and self -care too! Contact me to find out more and start your Healing for Life today.

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