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21 Day Reiki Master attunement record diary: Day 9

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Woke late, tired last night and wasn’t an early one so slept in. By one strange coincidence two tree surgeons to look at the dead tree situations turned up within an hour of each other, one I was expecting, but the other not! Meeting up with old friends after such a long time is rare for me, I lost touch with almost everyone as I moved around quite a bit early in my schooling and later on in my life too. Tipped it down with rain whilst outside but clearer now so perhaps time to do a bit of digging up of some potatoes. I’m pondering on those deep loving connections we share with other people today, and how that persists as if time and space were irrelevant - the subject of many books no doubt - but one I’d not ‘grounded’ for a long time until today. No one has the monopoly on the truth. Sad a little, melancholy for much of the day, very similar actually to the feelings I had on Day 1. Same reasons too; it was a little less intense, so I take that as a good sign. When it stopped raining I did dig up some spuds, I feel more physically able to, but my hamstrings were tight and sore afterwards none the less..! Had a few more weird dreams this morning. Similar themes cropping up time after time, which have become apparent to me because I’ve taken the time to write them all down. I read through my manual later tonight. I haven’t done any serious studying for a while so I thought I’d commit some time to this before sleeping. Recalling this day as I write, I’m struck by the difference between these words and my memory of it, it certainly must have been a powerful day, as there seems such a difference. Can you see the face in the picture?

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