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21 Day Reiki Master attunement record diary: Day 12

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

I woke earlier today after the late night spent watching the Netflix series about the life of Betty Broderick and this feeling of empathy and identification followed me around a bit today.

Luckily the rain did not come all day, and although windy, it was perfect for drying the washing! It was actually a really lovely day, and having checked the plants and readjusted the support for them, quite enjoyed it’s blustery, sunny nature.

I did discover some rather nasty pain in my abdominal muscles: the rectus abdominus spans the first 3 chakras at the front of the body starting at the pubic bone at one end and finishing the other end at the xyphid cartilage of the sternum and the costal cartilages of the the 5th to 7th ribs. As such it is a major muscle for posture, as well as ‘self-structure’, and can be overly tight and restrictive if injured or over-exercised; (although the two are linked in most cases). I worked trying to release the connective tissue and used my Reiki to help me shift the energy as well.

So often we hold pain in our bodies and are completely unaware of it. The body will ‘hide’ pain by avoiding movements or postures that cause it, and can actually increase tension over time as an avoidance of lengthening a sore area. In my work as a Sports Massage Therapist, I developed ways of working this out of the body, some taught to me and adopted, some of my own design.

We may be so unaware that we hold tension that it takes someone else prodding our painful areas or remarking on our ‘hunched shoulders’ to bring us to reconnect with ourselves. As we go deeper into self-healing, I hope we can find more to reconnect with and at last bring light to the dark, unknown places. After the realisation of the negative self-talk, I wasn’t as down today as I was all day yesterday. A lifetime’s worth of self and other criticism does not disappear as quickly as we’d like it to! Investing time in ourselves follows from the thought that we are worthy of that time spent on oursleves, and that’s one we can all struggle with.

I am starting to be aware of a restriction or blockage or resistance. With that in mind I decided to practice some Japanese techniques and chose two, one to practise after the other, which I found really powerful. It is amazing how time disappears when you are focusing inward. I also spent a while in child pose afterwards which felt lovely. My back has been aching all day through, sometimes a deep ache is a result of the cranial treatment, I hope so!

Later I watched a reading especially done for me by Kara Kernow readings and was shocked at the many themes she picked up on, especially those that only came into my mind today. I’m amazed by this, but also gratefully pleased as the silent question I posed to her was ‘am I on the right path and aligning to my future?’

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