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21 Day Reiki Master attunement record diary: Day 21

Another day of disappointment - I seem to be having a run of it!

Weather not as hot as predicted just 5 hours previously and no delivery of goodies for the second week running from my lovely pasty and croissant maker!

I need to find out if things are not happening or if they are and what they are about.

Today has seen at least two such ‘I wish I had’ so far so it must be trying to tell me something.

Know what is going on as much as possible before either it is too late to change or too late to do something differently.

I used some magical sprays, Archangel Michael and ‘Violet Flame’ as well as the Chakra ones to re balance myself and get rid of attachments during a standing ritual focusing on my connection through my feet and how they were making contact with the earth.

Had a deep sense of sadness afterwards which I am just observing, feeling and letting be.

Had a shock when the vet told me the price of putting Wolf to sleep, sadly we hadn’t discussed this prior and not at the appointment either.

Dug up some potatoes and did a bit of clipping, was a cold breeze though so wore a coat! Wow. At least the sun shone enough for the washing on the line.

Still not happy with the price the vet is charging me and it is quite distressing, bringing back the grief, and the guilt that is almost always present when you have to make the decision to end the life of a loved companion animal.

I read the last chapter of my gifted book, and listened to some Tibetan bowls and aum chanting, which seemed a very a fitting end to the three weeks.

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