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21 Day Reiki Master attunement record diary: Day 7

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Seems obvious that in order to be happy, we do things that make us happy and that we enjoy doing, or that bring us joy. In practice this is often really hard. Especially if we don't know what makes us happy or we are so bogged down in the mundane and miserable that we cannot find relief; or, if we are on a constant see-saw between 'good' things and 'bad' things and the positive and negative reactions and responses they bring forth in us. "Mental" illness, if feelings are involved ought to be re-termed as "emotional" illness; emotions reside in the body as well as in the mind, we are feeling beings.

For way too long we have laboured under a constricted and restricted view of what it is to be a human animal, full of feeling and this has allowed society to disassociate 'being with feeling' for other animals too, leaving us in an uncaring and unfeeling desert towards ourselves and and each other, and the wider life we share the earth with.

I have definitely became more sensitive to caffeine! I now only drink decaffeinated and organic, but it is having the same effect as regular caffeinated coffee. If I didn't like the taste so much I'd be drinking herbal or fruit tea, but it's one of my pleasures in life.

Was drawn to use my large, polished obsidian today. Its good for protection and grounding, as I have been feeling quite 'heady'. This and some outdoor grounding rituals obviously mean that I need to ground my energy.

I cleaned all of my crystals in the stream, (another tip from my dream of a few night's ago), and this led to me feeling very grounded through the flow of water running over and under my hands and through my fingers. Such a wonderful lot of feelings today! And tonight an odd thing happened, I thought I saw my friend George on the opening credits to the World Snooker Championships having her selfie taken with Kyren Wilson. The last time I saw her was on this date in 1988 when we returned home from inter railing! It would be really eerie if it was her for sure.

I then walked into the kitchen and smelt the old Body Shop 'White Musk' perfume. I've no idea where that came from and I can't recall if she wore it all the way back then, but it would be interesting to find out, I know around that time I was wearing Body Shop perfume though.

Any one else get smells that pop up from the ether?!

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