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21 Day Reiki Master attunement record diary: Day 4

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Dreams dominated today, I woke singing the John Lennon song ‘Whatever gets you through the night’, and felt the inner and outer mirrored throughout the day. The dream was one of watery elements, emotions perhaps, protection issues, crystals, and cleansing; hanging out washing and avoiding people with addictions that were smearing something rather nasty over the floor and themselves. I was minded not to come into contact with them, especially as the mains water pipe had sprung a leak, and I wasn’t sure when it would be fixed! Luckily we had family and crystal protection, and the dream wasn’t the disturbing kind where you feel adrift all day wondering what the disorder that it represented might be.

Another hot day with a slightly surreal feel, rescued a butterfly from the patio, putting them back onto the buddleja, out of harms and chickens’ way.

My back and hip have been sore today, so really looking forward to my bath and the wonderful way that water really ‘holds’ me and simultaneously drains all my negative energy away and relaxes me. I also practiced several self healing meditations and techniques, noticing the more I did, the easier and more powerful they became.

The bath was glorious, I lit two candles and poured in some ‘Mindful’ bath salts which smell amazing - with some elemental synchronicity, it was pouring with rain outside. So grateful for this for the plants; hearing the rain fall with the feel of the water surrounding me was some kind of sensory consistency.

I was kept awake until the early hours with this extra-watery energy flowing through me. Additionally I am noticing how much more water I am drinking, and wanting to drink. One of my ‘dreams’ has been to one day open a Healing Spa, a bit like the old Roman Baths; the healing power of water has been a common theme throughout my life, when I was a child I travelled to La Boule-boule for three weeks in intensive spa therapy that cured me of my eczema and significantly helped my asthma, both conditions I had had since birth. I am in no doubt that the elements we are aligned with can have powerful healing effects for us.


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